Hang Lung Vaccination Support Program

Terms and Conditions

1. This promotional / redemption event (the “Event”) is organized and operated under and part of the “hello Hang Lung Malls Rewards Program (hello恒隆商場獎賞計劃)” (the “hello Program”), an integrated membership program managed and operated by Hang Lung Real Estate Agency Limited (“HLREAL”) (by itself and for and on behalf of Hang Lung Properties Limited) and which covers Fashion Walk which is situated at Paterson, Food Street and Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Peak Galleria which is situated at 118 Peak Road, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, Kornhill Plaza which is situated at 1-2 Kornhill Road, Tai Koo, Hong Kong, Grand Plaza which is situated at 639 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong, Hollywood Plaza which is situated at 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong, Gala Place which is situated at 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong, Amoy Plaza which is situated at 77 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, Printing House which is situated at 6 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong, Baskerville House which is situated at 13 Duddell Street / 22 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Bank Building which is situated at 4-4A Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong and 1 Duddell Street which is situated at 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong (collectively, the “Hang Lung Mall(s)”).

2. The Event is held during the period from 1 August 2021 to 30 September 2021 (both days inclusive) (the “Period”).

3. The terms and conditions (the “hello Program T&C”) of the hello Program which can be accessed via the “Hang Lung Malls App (恒隆商場手機應用程式)” (the “Hang Lung Malls App”) or at www.hanglungmalls.com/en/tnc apply to the Event, save that in the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between (i) the hello Program T&C; and (ii) these Terms and Conditions, (ii) shall prevail.

4. Electronic Payment: Transactions (the “Eligible Transaction(s)”) )”) conducted between members (the “Member(s)”, and “Membership(s)” shall be construed accordingly) of the hello Program and the selected merchants (the “Selected Merchant(s)”) of the Hang Lung Malls the spending amount (the “Accumulated Spending”) of which qualify for registration and accumulation under the hello Program and/or entitle a Member to earn “hello Points (hello 積分)” (the “hello Points”), the credit points granted to Members by HLREAL under the hello Program, must be conducted through eligible electronic payments, which are limited to credit cards, EPS, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, UnionPay Quick Pass, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Octopus, Octopus O!ePay, Tap & Go, TNG Wallet or other “stored value facilities” as defined under the Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 584 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

5. Eligible Transactions: Unless otherwise specified, Eligible Transactions shall exclude (i) a single transaction with a net transaction amount (net transaction amount takes into account the actual amount paid by the Member himself and excludes any amount (a) paid by coupons, certificates, vouchers, cash dollars and the like (electronic or otherwise and whether or not issued by HLREAL and/or its associated companies); (b) that is deducted through discounts, discount codes, promotional codes and the like; and (c) that is not incurred by the Member himself) of under the amount as specified in the hello Program T&C; (ii) a transaction paid by cash (in full or partially); (iii) a transaction conducted through a mobile application (app) not included in Section 4 above (including but not limited to a third party mobile application (app) used exclusively for conducting transactions at a particular Selected Merchant); (iv) a transaction not conducted with a Selected Merchant or at a Hang Lung Mall; (v) a transaction whereby a sales voucher, sales receipt or electronic payment slip is issued but which does not state the name of the merchant, transaction date, transaction amount, invoice number or any other information required by HLREAL from time to time; (vi) charity donations; (vii) payment of parking fees; (viii) deposit or partial payments for (among others) goods and services; (ix) a dine-in transaction conducted at a Selected Merchant engaged in the food and beverage business (including but not limited to restaurants) whereby the number of dine-in guests exceed 36; (x) payment of tips (at a Selected Merchant engaged in the food and beverage business or otherwise); (xi) a transaction conducted through a third party mobile application (app) for food and beverage takeaway services; (xii) a transaction which is subsequently cancelled, refunded or withdrawn; (xiii) a transaction conducted at / with / for / through travel agencies and cross-border bus services, property agencies, elderly homes, medical and dental / clinic services, carwash and car care services, automotive products and related services, parking tickets, kiosks, exhibition venues, temporary exhibition booths / pop-up stores, tenants in office buildings, banking services, the payment of insurance premiums, money exchange centers, the payment of tuition / membership / any other monthly fees, the purchase of any kind of memberships and/or treatment packages from (including but not limited to) gyms, fitness centres and beauty parlous (as defined under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F of the Laws of Hong Kong)), the purchase or topping-up of Octopus cards, value-added or payment services, mail, fax, email or phone orders, online transactions (except the online purchase of movie tickets), bill payments (including but not limited to payments to utility companies, the Government, statutory organizations and educational institutions), the payment of telecommunication fees or the purchase of phone cards, the purchase of tickets (e.g. show / event / concert / exhibition tickets), trade-in transactions or product redemptions, credit notes, deposit notes, credit vouchers or payments on account, the purchase of (electronic or otherwise and whether or not issued by HLREAL and/or its associated companies) shopping vouchers, gift vouchers, any other types of vouchers, cash coupons, tokens, gift cards, gift certificates, membership cards, bonus point cards, discount cards, value-added cards, shoe coupons, soup coupons, drink coupons, food coupons, any other types of coupons, cake cards (including Chinese bridal cake cards) and wedding coupons / vouchers, cash rebate programs operated by any Selected Merchant, the purchase of gold grains, bars and deposits at gold saving clubs; (xiv) certain transactions conducted at promotional events held at Hang Lung Malls (if such transactions cannot contribute to a Member’s Accumulated Spending and entitle a Member to earn hello Points, such may be stated in the announcements for such promotional events); and (xv) any other transactions (whether between a Member and a Selected Merchant or not) as specified by HLREAL from time to time without prior notice at its sole and absolute discretion.

6. Registration Requirements: To register Accumulated Spending and earn hello Points, a Member must within seven (7) calendar days of the relevant transaction (inclusive of the day of the relevant transaction) register such Eligible Transaction by personally doing so at a concierge counter (the “Concierge Counter(s)”) located at the Hang Lung Malls or through the Hang Lung Malls App. To register an Eligible Transaction at a Concierge Counter, the Member must personally present the electronic membership card issued to him/her under the hello Program (subject to other verification requirements as outlined in the hello Program T&C) and other documentary proof as specified in Section 7 below. To register an Eligible Transaction through the Hang Lung Malls App, the Member must provide true, complete and accurate information regarding the Eligible Transaction as requested in the Hang Lung Malls App, including (among others) the name of the Selected Merchant, transaction date and net transaction amount and upload clear images of the original and entire machine-printed sales receipt issued by the Selected Merchant and the corresponding electronic payment slip (if for whatever reason, machine-printed sales receipts and/or electronic payment slips are not available and such are issued electronically, a screenshot or photo of the sales receipt and/or electronic payment slip will be accepted (provided it is clear)) through the Hang Lung Malls App. Other registration requirements outlined in the hello Program T&C apply.

7. Originals Only: Unless otherwise specified, HLREAL will only accept original and not reprinted, handwritten or photocopied sales receipts and electronic payment slips (if for whatever reason, machine-printed sales receipts and/or electronic payment slips are not available and such are issued electronically, a screenshot or photo of the sales receipt and/or electronic payment slip will be accepted (provided it is clear)). The following will not be accepted: (i) reprinted, handwritten, photocopied or duplicated sales receipts and electronic payment slips; and (ii) sales receipts or electronic payment slips for transactions which are wholly settled by coupons, certificates, vouchers, cash dollars and the like (electronic or otherwise and whether or not issued by HLREAL and/or its associated companies) or discounts, discount codes, promotional codes and the like (for a transaction settled partially by such coupons, certificates, vouchers, cash dollars and the like or such discounts, discount codes, promotional codes and the like, the portion of such transaction not settled by the aforementioned and which satisfy the requirements under Section 5 above will be accepted).

8. Additional Terms and Conditions:

(i) Members who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in the Event:

a) having received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccines under the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme implemented by the HKSAR Government. Both doses of the vaccines must be received in Hong Kong; and

b) having during the period between 1 August 2021 and 20 September 2021 conducted and successfully uploaded a single Eligible Transaction (for the purpose of participating in the Event only, the net transaction amount shall be HK$100 or above (in case of discrepancies or inconsistencies between an Eligible Transaction’s net transaction amount requirements specified (aa) in the hello Program T&C; and (bb) in this Section 8(i)b), (bb) shall prevail)) in accordance with Section 6 above. A Member who conducts such single Eligible Transaction during the period between 1 August 2021 and 20 September 2021 but who does not successfully uploads it on or before 20 September 2021 is not eligible to participate in the Event

(Members who meet all criteria above are referred to as “Eligible Member(s)”).

Members are advised to obtain professional advice before deciding whether to receive any COVID-19 vaccination, and shall solely bear the responsibility for such decision.

(ii) During the Period, each Eligible Member may redeem two (2) HK$100 Hang Lung e-shopping coupons (the “Hang Lung Coupon(s)”) through the Hang Lung Malls App by submitting the documents required in Section 8(iii) below. Hang Lung Coupons will be distributed through the Hang Lung Malls app on or before 31 October 2021. A Member who successfully registers the Eligible Transaction specified in Section 8(i)b) above but who does not submit the documents required in Section 8(iii) below on or before 30 September 2021 is not eligible to participate in the Event.

(iii) To redeem the Hang Lung Coupons, the Eligible Member is required to on or before 30 September 2021 submit the following documents/information through the Hang Lung Malls App (where applicable):

a) the QR code shown on the original hard copy record or the QR code on the electronic record (shown on the iAM Smart app or eHealth app launched by the HKSAR Government) of his/her COVID-19 vaccinations issued by the Department of Health of the HKSAR Government; and

b) the entire sales receipt and the corresponding electronic payment slip in respect of the Eligible Transaction referred to in Section 8(i)b) above.

Each of the documents above may only be used to redeem the Hang Lung Coupons once and duplicate redemptions will not be accepted. HLREAL’s records in relation to such redemptions shall be final and conclusive.

(iv) A list of the participating merchants which accept the Hang Lung Coupons is displayed in the websites of the Hang Lung Malls and the Hang Lung Malls App.

(v) Terms and conditions apply to the use of the Hang Lung Coupons, which can be accessed via websites of the Hang Lung Malls and the Hang Lung Malls App.

(vi) The Hang Lung Coupons are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last. The Event may be terminated accordingly without prior notice.

(vii) Each Eligible Member may redeem a maximum of two (2) Hang Lung Coupons.


(viii) If applicable to the Event, to use the coupons / certificates / vouchers (electronic, digital or otherwise), such must be presented by the Members before checkout. Use of such coupons / certificates / vouchers is subject to, apart from these Terms and Conditions, other terms and conditions prescribed by HLREAL and/or the Selected Merchants. For details, please refer to such terms and conditions.

(ix) If applicable to the Event, if an Eligible Transaction is paid by installments, only the transaction in respect of the first installment will entitle the Member to participate in the Event.

(x) If applicable to the Event, all coupons / certificates / vouchers (electronic, digital or otherwise) to be granted or offered under the Event are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis and while stocks last, and the grant or offer of such benefits may be terminated accordingly without prior notice.

(xii) HLREAL reserves the absolute right to suspend, vary or cancel any benefits, discounts, offers, privileges, promotions, rewards, services and the like (collectively, the “Benefits”) to be granted or offered under the Event at any time without any prior notice.

(xiii) Personal Information Collection Statement:

a) “Personal Data” in these Terms and Conditions has the same meaning as “personal data” in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong (“PDPO”)).

b) A Member’s Personal Data provided by him/her for the purpose of obtaining the Benefits or in connection with the Event will be used solely for processing the grant of such Benefits to such Member or in connection with the Event.

c) A Member’s supply of Personal Data to HLREAL is on a voluntary basis, however, if such Member fails to provide sufficient information, the purpose for which such Personal Data is provided may not be achieved (i.e. HLREAL may not be able to process the grant of the Benefits to such Member).

d) A Member’s Personal Data may be disclosed or transferred by HLREAL to its associated companies and/or other companies or bodies for the purposes stated above, and retained for such period as may be necessary for verification and record purposes.

e) A Member has the right to request access to and/or correction of his/her Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the PDPO. Any such request for access to and/or correction of his/her Personal Data should be in writing and sent to the Data Protection Officer, Hang Lung Properties Limited at (if by post) 28/F, Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong or at (if by email) CorpComm@hanglung.com.

f) For further details, please refer to section 16 of the hello Program T&C and Hang Lung Properties Limited’s Privacy Policy Statement at www.hanglung.com/en-us/special-pages/privacy-policy-statement.

9. HLREAL may record the Event for marketing and promotional purposes. Photos and videos may be used in newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasts, websites, mobile applications, emails and outdoor advertisements, etc. Customers/Members agree that HLREAL may use, present, publish or disseminate the photos or videos taken with the portraits of the customers/Members in any and all media, without any remuneration to such customers/Members. HLREAL has the absolute right to use any photos, films, videos and records of the Event.

10. Unless any Benefits are expressly and specifically stated to be supplied / provided / manufactured by HLREAL, the Benefits are not supplied / provided / manufactured by HLREAL. HLREAL does not in any way warrant the quality and condition of or any other matters in connection with such Benefits and shall not be held liable for the same. HLREAL shall not be held legally liable for any direct or indirect claims, demands, costs, charges, expenses, losses, damages and compensations arising out of or relating to such Benefits and the Event.

11. HLREAL welcomes its staff and its associated companies’ staff (collectively, the “Staff” and together with the Staff’s immediate family members, the “Associated Persons”) to register and apply as Members. However, in order to be fair, the Associated Persons shall not participate in activities that may involve manual intervention, including but not limited to: (i) lucky draws drawn manually; (ii) activities involving subjective evaluations; and (iii) activities that specifically restrict the participation of Associated Persons as determined by HLREAL from time to time (please refer to such activities’ terms and conditions).

12. Notwithstanding Section 11 above and anything to the contrary contained in these Terms and Conditions, a Staff may participate either in the Event or the “Hang Lung Support Scheme For Vaccinations” (organized for the Staff only) only but not both.

13. All staff members of any Selected Merchant may not participate in the Event.

14. HLREAL may at its sole and absolute discretion and at any time amend these Terms and Conditions or any aspect of the Event and/or withdraw or terminate the Event without prior notice.

15. In case of any dispute regarding the Event or these Terms and Conditions, HLREAL reserves the absolute right to make the final decision and the decision of HLREAL shall be final and conclusive.

16. By participating in the Event, customers/Members are deemed to have read, accepted and agreed to comply with these Terms and Conditions and accepted that HLREAL is entitled to the rights set out in such Terms and Conditions. In case of any breach of these Terms and Conditions, or any dishonest or fraudulent conduct and/or acts by a customer/Member, HLREAL has the sole and absolute discretion to immediately revoke the customer/Member’s entitlement to any Benefits, demand and recover from any customer/Member the Benefits redeemed or equivalent value in cash and pursue any legal action, without any prior notice.

17. Due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure events and/or circumstances not under the control of HLREAL, including, without limitation, acts of God, earthquakes, fires, floods, wars, civil or military disturbances, acts of terrorism, sabotage, strikes, epidemics, riots, power failures and computer failure, HLREAL may at its sole and absolute discretion and at any time amend these Terms and Conditions or any aspect of the Event and/or withdraw or terminate the Event without prior notice. HLREAL accepts no liability for the aforementioned amendments, withdrawal and/or termination. Under such circumstances, in case of any dispute arising out of the Event or these Terms and Conditions, HLREAL reserves the absolute right to make the final decision and the decision of HLREAL shall be final and conclusive.

18. In case of discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.



1. 是次“ 恒隆接種疫苗鼓勵計劃”推廣/兌換活動(下稱“活動”)乃根據hello恒隆商場獎賞計劃(下稱”hello計劃”)發出並由恒隆地産代理有限公司(由其本身及代表恒隆物業有限公司)管理及運作的綜合會員計劃之活動。 由恒隆房地產代理有限公司(本身以及代表恒隆地產有限公司)(下稱”恒隆”)經營,其涵蓋範圍包括「恒隆商場」指由恒隆經營且hello計劃涵蓋的若干商場,包括位於銅鑼灣記利佐治街/百德新街/加寧街/京士頓街的Fashion Walk;位於山頂道118號的山頂廣場;位於鰂魚涌康山道1-2號的康怡廣場; 位於旺角彌敦道 625 及639 號的雅蘭中心;位於旺角彌敦道 610 號的荷李活商業中心;位於旺角旺角登打士街56號的家樂坊;位於九龍灣牛頭角道77號的淘大商場;位於中環都爹利街6號的印刷行;位於中環都爹利街13號 / 雪廠街22號的樂成行;位於中環德輔道中4-4A號的渣打銀行大廈,以及位於中環都爹利街 1 號的都爹利街 1 號(統稱”恒隆商場” )。恒隆有權隨時更改適用商場名單而毋須事前通知。

2. 活動在2021年8月1日至2021年9月30日(包括首尾兩天)期間 (下稱”活動期間”)舉行

3. 恒隆商場手機應用程式(“Hang Lung Malls App”) 或於www.hanglungmalls.com/tncwww.hanglungmalls.com/tnc中的hello恒隆商場獎賞計劃條款及細則 (“hello計劃條款及細則”)同樣適用於本次活動,除非(i)hello計劃條款及細則之間存在任何差異或不一致,否則請予以保留;(ii)惟倘本條款及細則與hello計劃條款及細則有任何歧義,則以本條款及細則為準。

4. 電子支付 – 在本條款及細則及恒隆不時認爲合適的其他適用條款及細則中指定的合資格交易。會員與參與商戶之間進行的合資格交易將計入該會員的累積消費,並使該會員有權賺取hello積分。合資格交易須通過合資格電子支付進行,其僅限於信用卡、易辦事、借記卡、手機應用程式Apple Pay、Google Pay、Samsung Pay、銀聯閃付、微信支付、支付寶、八達通、八達通 O!ePay、Tap & Go拍住賞、TNG Wallet或香港法例第584章支付系統及儲值支付工具條例定義的其他「儲值支付工具」。

5. 合資格交易 – 除另有規定外,僅會員與參與商戶之間進行的交易才可作爲合資格交易,而非在hello恒隆商場獎賞計劃推出前或個人成功申請及註冊會籍7天前的任何時間進行的交易,且不包括以下情況:(i)單次合資格交易之淨交易金額(淨交易金額為會員本人實際支付的金額,不包括 (a) 以優惠券、禮券、代金券、cash dollar等付款的部分(電子或其他方式,無論是否由恒隆和/或其關聯公司發出);(b) 通過折扣、折扣代碼、促銷代碼等扣除的金額;以及 (c) 非會員本人承擔的金額)低於 hello計劃條款及細則規定的金額;(ii) 以現金支付的交易(部份或全部);(iii) 通過不包含在以上4節中列明的移動應用程式進行的交易(包括但不限於專門用於在特定參與商家處進行交易的第三方移動應用程式);(iv) 並非與參與商戶或於恒隆商場進行的交易;(v) 有銷售憑證、銷售收據或電子支付單據的交易,但未注明商戶名稱、交易日期、交易金額、發票號碼或恒隆不時要求的任何其他資料;(vi) 慈善捐款;(vii) 泊車費;(viii) 貨品及服務之訂金或部分付款;(ix) 任何參與的餐飲業務商戶(包括但不限於餐廳)36 人以上的酒席/ 餐飲付款和消費;(x) 小費支付(在餐飲類的參與商戶或其他商戶);(xi) 通過第三方移動應用程式進行的食品和飲料外賣服務交易消費;(xii) 取消或退款的交易;(xiii) 於╱與╱為╱透過旅行社及跨境巴士服務、物業代理、老人院、醫療及牙科╱診所服務、洗車及汽車護理服務、汽車產品及相關服務、泊車、報攤、展覽場地、臨時展覽攤位╱快閃商舖、寫字樓租戶、銀行服務、繳納保險費、貨幣兌換中心、繳納學費╱會員費╱任何其他月費、在健身中心和美容院(根據《疾病的預防和控制(要求和指示)(業務和場所)規定》(香港法例599F)定義)購買任何種類的會籍及療程(包括但不限於健身及美容服務會籍或療程帳單支付)、購買或充值八達通卡、增值或支付服務、郵件、傳真、電子郵件或電話訂購、網上交易(網上購買電影票除外)、賬單支付(包括但不限於支付給公用事業公司,政府,法定組織和教育機構的款項)、繳付電訊服務費或購買電話卡、購買門票(例如表演、活動或音樂會/ 展覽門票)、以舊換新交易或産品贖回、貸記單、存款單、貸記憑證或帳戶付款、購買(電子或其他方式及是否由恒隆及╱或其聯營公司發行)購物券、現金券、代幣、禮品卡、禮券、會員卡、積分卡、打折卡、增值卡、鞋券、湯券、飲料券、食品券、任何其他類型的優惠券、蛋糕卡(包括中式嫁喜禮餅卡)及婚慶券╱禮券、商戶現金回贈計劃結算之交易、於儲金會所購買金粒、金條及預付定金進行的交易;(xiv)於恒隆商場舉行的促銷活動中進行的若干交易(倘該等交易未能計入會員之累積消費且未使會員賺取hello積分,可在該等促銷活動的公告中說明);及(xv) 由恒隆不時指定的任何其他交易(無論交易是否在會員與參與商戶之間進行),而無需事先通知,由其全權決定。

6. 登記要求 – 爲登記累積消費及賺取hello積分,會員須於有關交易日起計7天內內親自到禮賓櫃檯或透過會員帳戶登記有關合資格交易。於禮賓櫃檯登記合資格交易,會員須親自出示其電子卡及下文第7節指定的其他證明文件。透過會員帳戶登記合資格交易,會員須按照會員帳戶的要求,提供真實、完整及準確的合資格交易資料,包括(其中包括)參與商戶名稱、交易日期及淨交易金額,並透過會員帳戶上傳由參與商戶發出的原始及完整的機印銷售收據及相應的電子簽賬存根的清晰影像(如果由於任何原因而不能提供機印的銷售收據和/或電子簽賬存根,而這些銷售收據和/或電子簽賬存根以電子方式發出,銷售收據和/或電子簽賬存根的屏幕截圖或照片則會被接受(前提是屏幕截圖或照片的影像清晰) )。hello 計劃條款與細則中的其他登記要求同樣適用於本條款與細則。

7. 僅接受機印發票 – 除另有規定外,恒隆將僅接受商戶機印發票及非重印、非手寫或非影印的銷售收據及電子簽賬存根(如果由於任何原因而不能提供機印的銷售收據和/或電子簽賬存根,而這些銷售收據和/或電子簽賬存根以電子方式發出,銷售收據和/或電子簽賬存根的屏幕截圖或照片則會被接受(前提是屏幕截圖或照片的影像清晰))。將不會接受下列單據:(i) 重印、手寫、影印或複製的銷售收據及電子簽賬存根;及(ii) 完全以優惠券、禮券、代金券、cash dollar等(電子或其他方式,無論是否由恒隆和/或其關聯公司發出)或折扣、折扣代碼、促銷代碼等結算交易之銷售收據及電子簽賬存根(就部分以優惠券、禮券、代金券、cash dollar等(電子或其他方式,無論是否由恒隆和/或其關聯公司發出)或折扣、折扣代碼、促銷代碼等結算的交易而言,未以前述方式結算的該部分交易及符合上文第5節要求的交易將屬合理)。

8. 附加條款及細則:

(i) 任何符合下列條件的會員均合資格參與此計劃:

a) 於香港特別行政區政府實施的2019冠狀病毒病疫苗接種計劃下完成接種兩劑2019冠狀病毒病疫苗。兩劑疫苗必須於香港接種; 及

b) 於2021年8月1日至2021年9月20日,成功消費並上載於任何恒隆商場消費滿HK$100的單一合資格交易(如果 (aa) hello計劃條款及細則中指定的和(bb)本第 8(i)b條中指定的合資格交易的淨交易金額要求存在差異或不一致,則以 (bb) 為準)(根據上述第6節規定)。任何會員於2021年8月1日至2021年9月20日期間消費合資格交易,但未有於2021年9月20日或以前成功上載便不獲資格參與此計劃。

(符合上述條件的會員均為 “合資格會員”) 。


(ii) 於活動期間,每位合資格會員需自行於恒隆商場手機應用程式登記換領,並上傳第8(iii) 節列出之所需文件,即可換領HK$100 恒隆電子購物禮券 (下稱”恒隆禮券”)兩 (2) 張。恒隆禮券會以恒隆手機應用程式於10月31日或以前發放。任何會員按本第 8(i)b條中消費指定的合資格交易,但未有按本第 8(iii)條中成功上傳以下證明文件登記換領便不獲資格參與此計劃。

(iii) 合資格會員須在換領恒隆禮券時,於2021年9月30日或以前於恒隆商場手機應用程式上傳以下證明文件作/資料核對之用:

a. 由香港特別行政區政府衛生署發出的2019冠狀病毒病疫苗正本記錄或電子記錄(顯示於香港特別行政區政府推出的「智方便」應用程序或「醫健通」應用程序上)上的二維碼 ; 及

b. 上述第8(i)b) 節中有效機印付款單據以及相應的電子貨幣付款存根。

上述各份文件只可用於換領恒隆禮券一次,恕不接受重複換領。 就此活動的記錄,恒隆保留最終決定權。

(iv) 恒隆禮券之認受商戶名單將上載至恒隆商場網頁及恒隆商場手機應用程式供查閱。

(v) 有關恒隆禮券的條款及細則可參閱恒隆商場網頁及恒隆商場手機應用程式。

(vi) 恒隆禮券的可供換領的數量有限,先到先得,換完即止。換罄後活動將即時終止而不會另行通知。

(vii) 每位合資格會員只可在此活動期間中換領兩 (2) 張恒隆禮券。


(viii) 使用換領的電子或實體禮券/兌換券/優惠券時,顧客需於結賬前出示相關電子或實體禮券/兌換券/優惠券作核對。除本條款及細則外,使用電子或實體禮券/兌換券/優惠券亦須受參與商戶訂明的其他條款及細則約束。詳情請參考載於電子或實體禮券/兌換券/優惠券的條款及細則或向有關商戶查詢。

(ix) 任何消費如由商戶提供分期付款,而消費總額達指定金額,該消費只可於消費當日領取及享受優惠。 在支付每期分期付款時將不能用作換領、領取或享受優惠。

(x) 每日可供換領的電子或實體禮券/兌換券/優惠券數量有限,先到先得,換完即止。換罄後活動可即時終止而不會另行通知。

(xi) 活動中換領的電子或實體禮券/兌換券/優惠券均不可更改、退回、退換、退還或兌換現金、折扣或其他物品。

(xii) 恒隆保留權利隨時暫停、更改或撤銷任何推廣/兌換活動中的的權益、折扣、優惠、特權、促銷、獎勵、服務等,恕不另行通知。

(xiii) 收集個人資料聲明:

(a) 本條款及細則所指的「個人資料」具有《個人資料(私隱)條例》(香港法例第 486章)(「私隱條例」)中「個人資料」的涵義。

(b) 會員為獲得益處或與活動相關的目的而提供的個人資料將只用於處理向該會員授予該益處或於與活動相關的目的。

(c) 會員乃基於自願性質向恒隆提供個人資料,惟倘該會員未能提供足夠資料,或未能實現提供個人資料的目的(i.e. 恒隆或未能處理向該會員授予益處)。

(d) 恒隆可就上述用途,將會員的個人資料披露或轉移予恒隆的有聯繫公司及╱或其他公司或團體,並將在適當期間保留該等個人資料作核實及紀錄用途。

(e) 會員有權根據私隱條例的條文查閱及╱或修改會員的個人資料。任何該等查閱及╱或修改須以書面方式寄至恒隆地產有限公司資料保護主任,地址為(如郵寄)香港中環德輔道中四號渣打銀行大廈28樓或(如電郵)CorpComm@hanglung.com

(f) 欲知更多詳情,請參閱hello計劃條款及細則第 16節及恒隆地產有限公司的私隱聲明(https://www.hanglung.com/zh-hk/special-pages/privacy-policy-statement)。

9. 恒隆可拍攝部分活動情況,以作宣傳及推廣之用。相片及片段可用於報章、雜誌、電台、電視、網站、手機應用程式、電郵、戶外廣告等。顧客同意恒隆可於任何媒體平台使用、發佈、出版、散播本活動中包含顧客肖像的相片或影片,而不收取任何酬勞。任何是次活動之相片、影片、影像及記錄,恒隆均有絕對使用權。

10. 恒隆並不是商戶提供或從其購買的禮品、產品或服務的供應商或生產商,恒隆對商戶提供或從其購買的的禮品、產品或服務的質素及任何其他事宜概不作出任何保證,亦不會負上任何責任。在法律准許的情況下,恒隆將免除一切有關是次活動所構成之法律責任及賠償。

11. 恒隆歡迎其職工及其聯營公司職工(統稱「職工」及職工的直系親屬「關聯人士」)成為會員。然而,爲公平起見,關聯人士不得參與可能涉及手工幹預的活動,包括但不限於:(i) 人手操作的幸運抽獎;(ii) 涉及主觀評估的活動;及(iii) 恒隆不時厘定的明確限制該參與的活動(請參閱有關活動的條款及細則)。

12. 儘管有上文第 11 條以及其他條款和條件中包含的任何相反規定,員工只能參與此活動或“恒隆疫苗接種支持計劃”(只僅恒隆員工參與),但不能同時參與。

13. 為避免任何利益衝突,任何參與商戶的職工不得參與此活動。

14. 恒隆就此條款及細則及有關此活動的任何方面擁有獨有的絕對酌情權,並保留隨時更改任何附加條款及條件,和/或撤回或終止活動之權利,並無需事先通知。

15. 倘有任何關於活動或條款及細則的爭議,恒隆的決定應為最終結果且對有關各方具有約束力。

16. 凡參加本活動,該會員被視為已閱讀、接受並同意遵守此條款及細則條款及細則,並接受恒隆享有該條款及細則中規定的權利。若違反本條款及細則條款及細則,或該會員有任何不誠實或欺詐的行為,恒隆擁有決定權可立即撤銷該會員使用本電子禮券的權利,有權要求從該會員取回與電子禮券同等價值之賠償,並採取任何法律行動,恕不另行通知。

17. 基於不可預見的情況,不可抗力事件及/或非恒隆所控制的情況,包括但不限於上帝的行為、地震、火災、水災、戰爭、內亂或軍事騷擾、恐怖主義行為、破壞行為、罷工、瘟疫、暴動、電源故障和電腦故障,恒隆可行使其絕對酌情權不作任何通知於任何時候修改本條款及細則及活動的任何方面及/或取消或終止活動。 恒隆對上述修改,取消及/或終止不承擔任何責任。在這種情況下,如有任何就活動或本條款及細則的爭議,恒隆所作的決定為最終及有約束力,並不可推翻。

18. 如本條款及細則之中、英文版本有任何歧異,一概以英文版本為準。



1. 是次“ 恒隆接种疫苗鼓励计划”推广/兑换活动(下称“活动”)乃根据hello恒隆商场奖赏计划(下称”hello计划”)发出并由恒隆地产代理有限公司(由其本身及代表恒隆物业有限公司)管理及运作的综合会员计划之活动。 由恒隆房地产代理有限公司(本身以及代表恒隆地产有限公司)(下称”恒隆”)经营,其涵盖范围包括「恒隆商场」指由恒隆经营且hello计划涵盖的若干商场,包括位于铜锣湾记利佐治街/百德新街/加宁街/京士顿街的Fashion Walk;位于山顶道118号的山顶广场;位于鲗鱼涌康山道1-2号的康怡广场; 位于旺角弥敦道 625 及639 号的雅兰中心;位于旺角弥敦道 610 号的荷李活商业中心;位于旺角旺角登打士街56号的家乐坊;位于九龙湾牛头角道77号的淘大商场;位于中环都爹利街6号的印刷行;位于中环都爹利街13号 / 雪厂街22号的乐成行;位于中环德辅道中4-4A号的渣打银行大厦,以及位于中环都爹利街 1 号的都爹利街 1 号(统称”恒隆商场” )。恒隆有权随时更改适用商场名单而毋须事前通知。

2. 活动在2021年8月1日至2021年9月30日(包括首尾两天)期间 (下称”活动期间”)举行。

3. 恒隆商场手机应用程序(“Hang Lung Malls App”) 或于www.hanglungmalls.com/tnc中的hello恒隆商场奖赏计划条款及细则 (“hello计划条款及细则”)同样适用于本次活动,除非(i)hello计划条款及细则之间存在任何差异或不一致,否则请予以保留;(ii)惟倘本条款及细则与hello计划条款及细则有任何歧义,则以本条款及细则为准。

4. 电子支付 – 在本条款及细则及恒隆不时认为合适的其他适用条款及细则中指定的合资格交易。会员与参与商户之间进行的合资格交易将计入该会员的累积消费,并使该会员有权赚取hello积分。合资格交易须通过合资格电子支付进行,其仅限于信用卡、易办事、借记卡、手机应用程序Apple Pay、Google Pay、Samsung Pay、银联闪付、微信支付、支付宝、八达通、八达通 O!ePay、Tap & Go拍住赏、TNG Wallet或香港法例第584章支付系统及储值支付工具条例定义的其他「储值支付工具」。

5. 合资格交易 – 除另有规定外,仅会员与参与商户之间进行的交易才可作为合资格交易,而非在hello恒隆商场奖赏计划推出前或个人成功申请及注册会籍7天前的任何时间进行的交易,且不包括以下情况:(i)单次合资格交易之净交易金额(净交易金额为会员本人实际支付的金额,不包括 (a) 以优惠券、礼券、代金券、cash dollar等付款的部分(电子或其他方式,无论是否由恒隆和/或其关联公司发出);(b) 通过折扣、折扣代码、促销代码等扣除的金额;以及 (c) 非会员本人承担的金额)低于 hello计划条款及细则规定的金额;(ii) 以现金支付的交易(部份或全部);(iii) 通过不包含在以上4节中列明的移动应用程序进行的交易(包括但不限于专门用于在特定参与商家处进行交易的第三方移动应用程序);(iv) 并非与参与商户或于恒隆商场进行的交易;(v) 有销售凭证、销售收据或电子支付单据的交易,但未注明商户名称、交易日期、交易金额、发票号码或恒隆不时要求的任何其他数据;(vi) 慈善捐款;(vii) 泊车费;(viii) 货品及服务之订金或部分付款;(ix) 任何参与的餐饮业务商户(包括但不限于餐厅)36 人以上的酒席/ 餐饮付款和消费;(x) 小费支付(在餐饮类的参与商户或其他商户);(xi) 通过第三方移动应用程序进行的食品和饮料外卖服务交易消费;(xii) 取消或退款的交易;(xiii) 于╱与╱为╱透过旅行社及跨境巴士服务、物业代理、老人院、医疗及牙科╱诊所服务、洗车及汽车护理服务、汽车产品及相关服务、泊车、报摊、展览场地、临时展览摊位╱快闪商铺、写字楼租户、银行服务、缴纳保险费、货币兑换中心、缴纳学费╱会员费╱任何其他月费、在健身中心和美容院(根据《疾病的预防和控制(要求和指示)(业务和场所)规定》(香港法例599F)定义)购买任何种类的会籍及疗程(包括但不限于健身及美容服务会籍或疗程账单支付)、购买或充值八达通卡、增值或支付服务、邮件、传真、电子邮件或电话订购、网上交易(网上购买电影票除外)、账单支付(包括但不限于支付给公用事业公司,政府,法定组织和教育机构的款项)、缴付电讯服务费或购买电话卡、购买门票(例如表演、活动或音乐会/ 展览门票)、以旧换新交易或产品赎回、贷记单、存款单、贷记凭证或帐户付款、购买(电子或其他方式及是否由恒隆及╱或其联营公司发行)购物券、现金券、代币、礼品卡、礼券、会员卡、积分卡、打折卡、增值卡、鞋券、汤券、饮料券、食品券、任何其他类型的优惠券、蛋糕卡(包括中式嫁喜礼饼卡)及婚庆券╱礼券、商户现金回赠计划结算之交易、于储金会所购买金粒、金条及预付定金进行的交易;(xiv)于恒隆商场举行的促销活动中进行的若干交易(倘该等交易未能计入会员之累积消费且未使会员赚取hello积分,可在该等促销活动的公告中说明);及(xv) 由恒隆不时指定的任何其他交易(无论交易是否在会员与参与商户之间进行),而无需事先通知,由其全权决定。

6. 登记要求 – 为登记累积消费及赚取hello积分,会员须于有关交易日起计7天内内亲自到礼宾柜台或透过会员帐户登记有关合资格交易。于礼宾柜台登记合资格交易,会员须亲自出示其电子卡及下文第7节指定的其他证明文件。透过会员帐户登记合资格交易,会员须按照会员账户的要求,提供真实、完整及准确的合资格事务数据,包括(其中包括)参与商户名称、交易日期及净交易金额,并透过会员账户上传由参与商户发出的原始及完整的机印销售收据及相应的电子签账存根的清晰影像(如果由于任何原因而不能提供机印的销售收据和/或电子签账存根,而这些销售收据和/或电子签账存根以电子方式发出,销售收据和/或电子签账存根的屏幕截图或照片则会被接受(前提是屏幕截图或照片的影像清晰) )。hello 计划条款与细则中的其他登记要求同样适用于本条款与细则。

7. 仅接受机印发票 – 除另有规定外,恒隆将仅接受商户机印发票及非重印、非手写或非影印的销售收据及电子签账存根(如果由于任何原因而不能提供机印的销售收据和/或电子签账存根,而这些销售收据和/或电子签账存根以电子方式发出,销售收据和/或电子签账存根的屏幕截图或照片则会被接受(前提是屏幕截图或照片的影像清晰))。将不会接受下列单据:(i) 重印、手写、影印或复制的销售收据及电子签账存根;及(ii) 完全以优惠券、礼券、代金券、cash dollar等(电子或其他方式,无论是否由恒隆和/或其关联公司发出)或折扣、折扣代码、促销代码等结算交易之销售收据及电子签账存根(就部分以优惠券、礼券、代金券、cash dollar等(电子或其他方式,无论是否由恒隆和/或其关联公司发出)或折扣、折扣代码、促销代码等结算的交易而言,未以前述方式结算的该部分交易及符合上文第5节要求的交易将属合理)。

8. 附加条款及细则:

(i) 任何符合下列条件的会员均合资格参与此计划:

a) 于2021年9月30日或之前于香港特别行政区政府实施的2019冠状病毒病疫苗接种计划下完成接种两剂2019冠状病毒病疫苗。两剂疫苗必须于香港接种; 及

b) 于2021年8月1日至2021年9月20日期间,成功上载于任何恒隆商场消费满HK$100的单一合资格交易(如果 (aa) hello计划条款及细则中指定的和(bb)本第 8(i)b条中的中指定的合格交易的净交易金额要求存在差异或不一致,则以 (bb) 为准)(根据上述第6节规定) 。任何会员于2021年8月1日至2021年9月20日期间消费合资格交易,但未有于2021年9月20日或以前成功上载便不获资格参与此计划。

(符合上述条件的会员均为 “合资格会员”) 。


(ii) 于活动期间,每位合资格会员需自行于恒隆商场手机应用程式登记换领,并上传第8(iii) 节列出之所需文件,即可换领HK$100 恒隆电子购物礼券 (下称”恒隆礼券”)两 (2) 张。恒隆礼券会以恒隆手机应用程式于10月31日或以前发放。任何会员按本第 8(i)b条中消费指定的合资格交易,但未有按本第 8(iii)条中成功上传以下证明文件登记换领便不获资格参与此计划。

(iii) 合资格会员须在换领恒隆礼券时,于恒隆商场手机应用程序上传以下证明文件作/数据检验之用:

a) 由香港特别行政区政府卫生署发出的2019冠状病毒病疫苗正本记录或电子记录(显示于香港特别行政区政府推出的「智方便」应用程序或「医健通」应用程序上)上的二维码 ; 及

b) 上述第8(i)b) 节中有效机印付款单据以及相应的电子货币付款存根。

上述各份文件只可用于换领恒隆礼券一次,恕不接受重复换领。 就此活动的记录,恒隆保留最终决定权。

(iv) 恒隆礼券之认受商户名单将上载至恒隆商场网页及恒隆商场手机应用程序供查阅。

(v) 有关恒隆礼券的条款及细则可参阅恒隆商场网页及恒隆商场手机应用程序。

(vi) 恒隆礼券的可供换领的数量有限,先到先得,换完即止。换罄后活动将实时终止而不会另行通知。

(vii) 每位合资格会员只可在此活动期间中换领两 (2) 张恒隆礼券。


(viii) 使用换领的电子或实体礼券/兑换券/优惠券时,顾客需于结账前出示相关电子或实体礼券/兑换券/优惠券作核对。除本条款及细则外,使用电子或实体礼券/兑换券/优惠券亦须受参与商户订明的其他条款及细则约束。详情请参考载于电子或实体礼券/兑换券/优惠券的条款及细则或向有关商户查询。

(ix) 任何消费如由商户提供分期付款,而消费总额达指定金额,该消费只可于消费当日领取及享受优惠。 在支付每期分期付款时将不能用作换领、领取或享受优惠。

(x) 每日可供换领的电子或实体礼券/兑换券/优惠券数量有限,先到先得,换完即止。换罄后活动可实时终止而不会另行通知。

(xi) 活动中换领的电子或实体礼券/兑换券/优惠券均不可更改、退回、退换、退还或兑换现金、折扣或其他物品。

(xii) 恒隆保留权利随时暂停、更改或撤销任何推广/兑换活动中的的权益、折扣、优惠、特权、促销、奖励、服务等,恕不另行通知。

(xiii) 收集个人资料声明:

(a) 本条款及细则所指的「个人资料」具有《个人资料(私隐)条例》(香港法例第 486章)(「私隐条例」)中「个人资料」的涵义。

(b) 会员为获得益处或与活动相关的目的而提供的个人资料将只用于处理向该会员授予该益处或于与活动相关的目的。

(c) 会员乃基于自愿性质向恒隆提供个人资料,惟倘该会员未能提供足够数据,或未能实现提供个人资料的目的(i.e. 恒隆或未能处理向该会员授予益处)。

(d) 恒隆可就上述用途,将会员的个人资料披露或转移予恒隆的有联系公司及╱或其他公司或团体,并将在适当期间保留该等个人资料作核实及纪录用途。

(e) 会员有权根据私隐条例的条文查阅及╱或修改会员的个人资料。任何该等查阅及╱或修改须以书面方式寄至恒隆地产有限公司数据保护主任,地址为(如邮寄)香港中环德辅道中四号渣打银行大厦28楼或(如电邮)CorpComm@hanglung.com

(f) 欲知更多详情,请参阅hello计划条款及细则第 16节及恒隆地产有限公司的私隐声明(https://www.hanglung.com/zh-hk/special-pages/privacy-policy-statement)。

9. 恒隆可拍摄部分活动情况,以作宣传及推广之用。相片及片段可用于报章、杂志、电台、电视、网站、手机应用程序、电邮、户外广告等。顾客同意恒隆可于任何媒体平台使用、发布、出版、散播本活动中包含顾客肖像的相片或影片,而不收取任何酬劳。任何是次活动之相片、影片、影像及记录,恒隆均有绝对使用权。

10. 恒隆并不是商户提供或从其购买的礼品、产品或服务的供货商或生产商,恒隆对商户提供或从其购买的的礼品、产品或服务的质素及任何其他事宜概不作出任何保证,亦不会负上任何责任。在法律准许的情况下,恒隆将免除一切有关是次活动所构成之法律责任及赔偿。

11. 恒隆欢迎其职工及其联营公司职工(统称「职工」及职工的直系亲属「关联人士」)成为会员。然而,为公平起见,关联人士不得参与可能涉及手工干预的活动,包括但不限于:(i) 人手操作的幸运抽奖;(ii) 涉及主观评估的活动;及(iii) 恒隆不时厘定的明确限制该参与的活动(请参阅有关活动的条款及细则)。

12. 尽管有上文第 11 条以及其他条款和条件中包含的任何相反规定,员工只能参与此活动或“恒隆疫苗接种支持计划”(只仅恒隆员工参与),但不能同时参与。

13. 为避免任何利益冲突,任何参与商户的职工不得参与此活动。

14. 恒隆就此条款及细则及有关此活动的任何方面拥有独有的绝对酌情权,并保留随时更改任何附加条款及条件,和/或撤回或终止活动之权利,并无需事先通知。

15. 倘有任何关于活动或条款及细则的争议,恒隆的决定应为最终结果且对有关各方具有约束力。

16. 凡参加本活动,该会员被视为已阅读、接受并同意遵守此条款及细则条款及细则,并接受恒隆享有该条款及细则中规定的权利。若违反本条款及细则条款及细则,或该会员有任何不诚实或欺诈的行为,恒隆拥有决定权可立即撤销该会员使用本电子礼券的权利,有权要求从该会员取回与电子礼券同等价值之赔偿,并采取任何法律行动,恕不另行通知。

17. 基于不可预见的情况,不可抗力事件及/或非恒隆所控制的情况,包括但不限于上帝的行为、地震、火灾、水灾、战争、内乱或军事骚扰、恐怖主义行为、破坏行为、罢工、瘟疫、暴动、电源故障和计算机故障,恒隆可行使其绝对酌情权不作任何通知于任何时候修改本条款及细则及活动的任何方面及/或取消或终止活动。 恒隆对上述修改,取消及/或终止不承担任何责任。在这种情况下,如有任何就活动或本条款及细则的争议,恒隆所作的决定为最终及有约束力,并不可推翻。

18. 如本条款及细则之中、英文版本有任何歧异,一概以英文版本为准。